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Adopted persons are the most important voice of the Korean adoption experience.  Korean Focus does not try to tell the adoptee story.  Instead, we urge birth and adoptive parents to reach out to the adult adoptee community to hear their experiences, and to understand the far-reaching repercussions of the decisions they make on behalf of their young children.  We also encourage adoptive parents to nurture their children's ethnic, cultural, and genetic heritage, all important parts of their identities.  We welcome feedback and suggestions for this page from adopted persons.  Please send them to webmaster@koreanfocus.org.

International Adoptee Congress


The International Adoptee Congress (IAC) is a newly established membership organization made up of internationally adopted persons. The IAC is committed to empowering, supporting, and giving voice to all international adoptees and adoptee groups. Because adoptees are a part of the ever growing adoption community, we are also committed to working with adoptive families, adoption agencies, and adoption professionals to create and sustain healthy adoptive families for their children. The IAC will meet for the first time in Washington, DC on November 2-5, 2006. For more information, visit the IAC webpage.

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