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You can support Korean Focus:
As a member, you will receive the quarterly Korean Focus newsletter and announcements about all programs and events.  Korean Focus members plan a variety of programs for adults and children throughout the year, working cooperatively with Korean American organizations in the Washington, DC area whenever possible.  It's a great way for families to connect with Korean culture, and with other adoptive families.  We regret that we cannot send the newsletter to addresses outside of the United States.
Korean Focus dues are $20 per year.  Benefits include the print newsletter, interim print mailings, and electronic updates and bulletins.


Step 1
Send the following information to us via email at membership@koreanfocus.org:
  • Name(s)
  • Address
  • City, State, and Zip
  • Home telephone
  • E-mail (E-mail is used for announcements only, and is never shared!)
  • Tell us about your children: Names, birth dates, and birth country/birth child
Step 1
Print and fill out the membership form.
Step 2
Make your dues contribution via Network for Good. When using this option, you will be given the opportunity to decuct the 4.75% Network for Good processing fee from your donation, or to add it to the $20 membership dues. Feel free to deduct the fee, as the convenience of direct deposit of your dues to our account is as helpful as the additional funds!


Step 2
Send the form and your check payable to Korean Focus to:

Korean Focus
1906 Sword Lane
Alexandria, VA  22308

WWW Korean Focus
1906 Sword Lane, Alexandria, VA 22308