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Visit the Cultural Materials page for a selection of cultural resources you can use for school and community projects and events.

Following is a (by no means complete) list of sites you may want to visit.  Korean Focus does not explicitly support any of these organizations, but provides this list for information only. Please e-mail us with your suggestions for sites to add to this list.

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General Adoption Information
Korean and Intercountry Adoption Resources

A large selection of links can be found here:  the KF By and For KADs page.

First Parents
Search and Reunion
Blogs and Personal Pages
Adoption Law and Reform
Agencies Placing from Korea (with Affiliated Korean Agencies)

Websites of the Government of the Republic of Korea


General Information and Travel

Korean and Asian American Organizations

Korean Art and Culture

Culture Camps, Homeland Tours, and Exchanges

Race and Diversity

Korean History


North Korea

Korean Food and Cooking

Korean Language


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